For over 40 years, Log House Foods has been sweetening the lives of our customers in markets across the nation with our CANDIQUIK® coatings, almond bark, baking chips, coconut and toast products. Family owned and operated, our business is built on a solid foundation: a time tested tradition of quality foods, competitive prices and exceptional service.

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The CANDIQUIK® Coatings Family

So what’s all the fuss about?

What is the difference with CANDIQUIK® Coatings (versus almond bark and chocolate wafers)?

  • ·  CANDIQUIK® Coatings contain premium ingredients (finely refined sugars, more cocoas and milk solids)
  • ·  Naturally flavored
  • ·  Richer taste and creamier texture
  • ·  Packaged in our Melt & Make™ Microwaveable Tray; no-mess, kid-friendly, reusable & recyclable


Chocolate and Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coatings - best coating for making candy and treats!


From Our Fans

“I just want to say that Candiquik saved me from tearing my hair out. I was attempting to make Spiderman cake pops for a client and tried using a different brand of candy melt that I had heard people rave about. However, every time I melted the discs, they turned into SPACKLE no matter how carefully I monitored the heat or what kind of thinning agent I added. I tried different methods of melting them but to no avail. I was beginning to panic. I had bought a few packages of the white chocolate and chocolate Candiquik to try (thank goodness!) I melted the white chocolate as directed on the package. The result? Creamy smooth goodness. I then added oil-based red candy color to the Candiquik and the result was again, perfection. It was so easy and I didn’t have to add any thinners that people suggest using with other brands of candy melts. Thank you so much for a great product! They don’t have a “chemical” taste, and I can find them in the grocery store, which are big pluses for me. Candiquik will be my go-to product for my cake pops from now on. Thank you again!” – Giovanna

“Oh my gosh! I made the tree (Cake Ball Christmas Tree) over to last two days, it was a lot of work but it turned out great! I got to say that candiquick is an amazing product and very pleasant to work with! It is delicious and a of very high quality. Because of it I made peace with cake pops! thank you so much!!” – Anne

“There’s no contest for me–Candiquik wins everytime! It’s the best candy melting chocolate I’ve used…” – Hayley

“Since I’ve started using CandiQuik, the melting process is much quicker and it produces a great consistency for cake pop making.” – Kim

“I had never heard of Candiquik before this. I used to melt dark chocolate on the stove but that got messy and ridiculous and always looked terrible. This stuff (CandiQuik) is microwaveable and dries quickly and perfectly. It’s like magic. It’s too easy to be real.” – Cass

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